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The Evolution of Modern Art

Contrary to what might seem logical modern art is not in reality art of the moment or present day it is in fact a period of time from the 1860s to the 1970s. During this time span several different styles of art were developed and popularized as a reaction to and a move away from […]


Modern Artists to Look Out For

Art comes in many forms and of course the whole field of the arts is open to different interpretations and points of view when it comes to what’s considered good or worthy. So, with that being said a selection of new artists worth watching can at best only hope to give you somewhere to start, […]


Digital Artists on the Rise

What is Digital Art? Art is many things and has over the years evolved in format and form. Digital art could be considered the latest in this line of development and is defined as being an artistic practice or work that makes use of digital technology in a significant way as part of the creative […]