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What Actually is Modern Art?

There’s not a person in the art scene who wouldn’t recognize one of the great names: Edouard Vuillard, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Ceazanne, Salvador Dali, Vasily Kandinsky or Henri Matisse. Each of them brought something unique and new into their art; some might even say they were modern to their contemporaries. Everybody has actually heard […]


Is Digital Art Replacing Traditional Art?

Art is an extremely broad term that covers everything from painting and sculptures to decorating. For this particular discussion we will mainly focus on painting and graphic art. Mankind’s story with art started thousands of years ago when we painted the walls of the caves and now we have advanced software and programs that can […]


How Graphic Design Changed the Art World

The art history started at the same time as the human history. We were always creative beings that liked expressing our feeling through art, no matter which form of it. The latest technological advancement changed the creative paradigm and brought us new styles, shapes and methods of producing art. The beauty of it is that […]