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Art Revolution By Banksy

It is said that Bansky might be the most expensive street artist in the world. But the art phantom Banksy certainly did not aspire to this exceptional status when he began his career more than 20 years ago. The public-shy artist keeps his identity in a secret, but that only inspires more speculations about him. He has been known a long time ago for his incredible guerrilla works, and people became aware of him through his most spectacular action to date. After the successful auction of his work Girl With Balloon, he shredded his picture by remote control in front of the audience. Since then, the mass media have followed every step of this mysterious artist.

Art Revolution By Banksy
Art Revolution By Banksy

How It Has Started

The unusual artist fundamentally rejects to take his art as a business. No surprise that he either organizes exhibitions of his works himself or presents them to the public without any notice. What happens as huge graffiti on walls or in museums around the world. In the past, he hung up his artwork without authorization in the Louvre, the New York Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Tate Modern, the Brooklyn Museum, and the American Museum. His modern version of a cave painting caused a sensation at the British Museum also. Suddenly, there was a work that shows a person who went hunting with a shopping cart. If he presents his works once organized in exhibitions, then these are overrun. Bansky expressed his attitude towards commercialized art very clearly in New York in 2013.

Prices Of Works

He used his cover of anonymity and had his originally signed pictures sold to people on the street for a price of only sixty dollars. They did not recognize who was offering his works at a bargain price, because only a few art lovers were able to recognize a real Banksy at the beginning. With this spectacular action, the British artist wanted to protest against the high inflationary prices on the market of artworks. Total sales that day were only $420. A woman bought two paintings for her children and also negotiated the less price per work by half. A man who had just furnished his new house bought four pictures at once and said succinctly: “I just need something to decorate the walls”.

One Artist Or Group Work?

Banksy’s ingenious actions soon gave rise to speculation that the pseudonym is covering not a single person but an entire group of artists because his works and pictures painted overnight require a lot of sophisticated logistics. After all, no one has ever managed to catch Banksy while painting a picture. Logically, it supposed to be more people involved here. Those who know what a person is hiding behind the phantom are holding it as a top secret. These are mainly prominent personalities from the music scene such as Damon Albarn with his bands Blur and Gorillaz, Danger Mouse, and the band Massive Attack.