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Admiring Masterpieces of Some of The Best Modern Artists

The age of Modern art began in the 1860’s and lasted until the 1970s. The tradition of classical architecture, wherein harmony and balance are aesthetic, was set aside for an era of innovation and experimentation. The century of modern art produced brilliant artistic geniuses and their respective masterpieces which established their own artistic movements. Claude […]

Modern Art Takes to African Nuances

African sculpture has been a source of influence in the art for the last 100 years. European artists find inspiration from the African art forms and formed their versions of grande art and called them modern. The color palette that artists like Pablo Picasso were able to build from their inspiration from African culture, laid […]

What Actually is Modern Art?

There’s not a person in the art scene who wouldn’t recognize one of the great names: Edouard Vuillard, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Paul Ceazanne, Salvador Dali, Vasily Kandinsky or Henri Matisse. Each of them brought something unique and new into their art; some might even say they were modern to their contemporaries. Everybody has actually heard […]

Is Digital Art Replacing Traditional Art?

Art is an extremely broad term that covers everything from painting and sculptures to decorating. For this particular discussion we will mainly focus on painting and graphic art. Mankind’s story with art started thousands of years ago when we painted the walls of the caves and now we have advanced software and programs that can […]

How Graphic Design Changed the Art World

The art history started at the same time as the human history. We were always creative beings that liked expressing our feeling through art, no matter which form of it. The latest technological advancement changed the creative paradigm and brought us new styles, shapes and methods of producing art. The beauty of it is that […]

How to Incorporate Modern Art into Your Home

It is said that home is where your heart is, and if your heart is stuck on modern art, you may start having problems with your interior design. Modern art is one of the most versatile art forms by far and this is the true beauty behind it. The problem with incorporating it into your […]

Modern Art Exhibits to See in Europe

The Old Continent is well-known for its year-round art shows. What is amazing about them is that new displays and pieces can impress even the most hardened critics. It is understandable that Europe is viewed as one of the best places to experience modern art, as the most famous and valuable artwork is found scattered […]

How to Improve Your Art Skills

Art is probably one of the most interesting things we have ever invented. It combines the talent and imagination of the creator and has the ability to evoke emotions and to entertain. The branches and types of art are extremely diverse, but one thing is for sure – everybody has an inner artist. There are […]

Unique and Obscure Art Exhibitions of This Year

With such a wide array of exhibitions to choose from all around the world it is often hard to determine what to visit and when. As far as art goes some things are on permanent display, possibly in one of the many museums that can cater to the larger or more extensive exhibits. However, it […]

How Art Has Progressed in Recent Years

Back in the 1860s the world of art took a change of direction that was to forever impact the course of art history and set the stage for what is now termed the era of modern art. This era saw the rebellion against traditional and ideological notions of acceptable art and a move toward the […]