Digital Artists on the Rise

What is Digital Art?

Art is many things and has over the years evolved in format and form. Digital art could be considered the latest in this line of development and is defined as being an artistic practice or work that makes use of digital technology in a significant way as part of the creative process. Essentially it was first regarded as computer generated art but is perhaps more accurately described as multimedia or new media art. The use of technology in the arts has been controversial, but this in itself succeeds in pushing the boundaries and making art accessible to a new generation, who see technology contributing to the natural development of the arts, just as photography once did.

Artists to Watch

Marianna Rodrigues draws much of her inspiration from the natural world but deconstructs and reassembles it into something almost unimaginable. With a penchant for symmetry and patterns she masterfully combines watercolor, ink, pencil, digital coloring and manipulation as well as photography to create her signature style. Working first as a graphic designer, Marianne is now based in London and works full time as an illustrator. She has seen her work published in a number of sources and she is most certainly on the up and up.

Leonie Bos is an illustrator from Holland who has a distinctive modern style that draws heavily from the traditions of print making. She is able to transfer the principle of using negative space on the page to create the white in her work, as well digitally manipulating semitransparent colors to achieve this muted effect. Her distinctive use of color in this medium make her one to watch and keep her in demand within the industry.

Quentin Monge uses the minimalistic approach to his designs that exude sophistication. The simplistic well composed format seems effortless yet belie the eye for just the right amount of detail required to be captivating and effective. This French illustrator’s work is sure to show up not just in his native Paris but all around the world. As too the next artist, who’s focus on simplicity might be compared to Monge in many ways. Anna Kovesces hails from Hungary and works by creating digital collages using strikingly bold shapes in a very distinctive color palette. The almost childlike renditions have a quality of their own that makes her style readily recognizable, a great asset for any artist! Her strength may also lie in the fact that her work translates well across all age groups, and various genre of subject matter, making her a desirable commodity.

Finally, Aiste Stancikaite is a mixed media artist who combines the intricacies of fine pencil drawing with other traditional and digital mediums to create her signature style. Having a background in photography has helped to hone her observational abilities as well as her use of shadow and light, skills she has been able to translate into many different areas of the art and fashion world. Clearly there is a great deal of talent working in this exciting area of mixed media, and we can look forward to seeing more new things in the future.