Famous Modern Art Installations – Part 1

Over the past century a new form of art started to be uncovered, and it was revolutionary in many ways. Installation art has proven to be one of the most popular new developments in the creative world. The some of the stars leading this artistic innovation are Mike Kelly, Yayoi Kusama and Robert Smithson.

Installation art takes the rules away from traditional art as we know it, and it can virtually be anything. From large scale projects to architectural statements, they can be visual only or including sound. But they all have one thing in common, they are searching for a new kind of artistic and aesthetic experience.

In this blog we look at some of the most famous and popular art installations there have been around the world. Some of the installations are permanent and some just temporary, which is one of the great attractions of installation art.

Office Baroque – Antwerp

The Office Baroque installation was created in 1977 by Gordon Matta-Clark. The impressive installation is situated in a disused five story office building in Antwerp. A series of different shaped circular holes have been cut through each concrete floor.

Standing on the top floor and looking down to the bottom, the effect is quite awesome, and it looks as though the office building has been cut open with a can opener. Matta-Clark trained as an architect but was captivated by the European Situationist movement and the way they interacted with buildings not in a conventional manner. Matta-Clark has referred to his work as Anarchitecture, and in one of his installations he actually split a house into two pieces. Apparently, Office Baroque was inspired by teacup stains on an office drawing, with the brown rings cutting into one another.

The Pont Neuf Wrapped

A bridge over the romantic River Seine is a perfect location for an art installation, and this creative art idea from 1985 took advantage of the inspiring setting. The installation is by husband and wife team Christo and Jeanne-Claude, and they used fabric to wrap the bridge almost like a Christmas present. The famous old bridge, the Pont Neuf, was covered in woven nylon and fixed by ropes. The temporary transformation brought many art lovers and general inquisitive people to Paris to see this wonderful art installation.

When covered in fabric, Christo and Jeanne-Claude drew the spectator’s attention to the sculptural details of the bridge. But the covering also created a mysterious effect of beauty, and it pointed out the fact that such architecture is worth preserving. The artists’ purpose of the installation was to make us look at things in a different perspective. And all objects can be seen in a different light. It was a group called The New Realists that were founded in 1960 that first brought the idea of transforming well known public objects into something quite different.

In part two we look at even more amazing art installations around the world and uncover even more artists who innovate and, in some respects, shock with their installation artistry.