How Graphic Design Changed the Art World

The art history started at the same time as the human history. We were always creative beings that liked expressing our feeling through art, no matter which form of it. The latest technological advancement changed the creative paradigm and brought us new styles, shapes and methods of producing art. The beauty of it is that it opened a new visual world that was just a dream in the minds of our ancestors. But many people argue if this graphic design and digital art is truly a form of art. Art is a very broad term and taking all the characteristics into consideration, yes, graphic design is a form of art. And actually, it was invented a very long time ago and we have listed some key moments in its evolution in order to better understand its implications in the art world.

The Evolution of Graphic Design

Actually, many critics consider that the hand cave paintings that are more than 5000 years old are the first form of graphic design. The patterns are very simple and repetitive, and they are the earliest record of our art skills. From that point on we see more and more art works produced only by hand.

The main point of the graphic design is that it is a form of art that leaves little space to interpretation. It is very straightforward and, in many moments, it was used as an informative art form. We see this during the Middle Ages when primitive graphic design was used to make public posters that would later be displayed in villages. Another example is the calligraphy used in bibles and official documents.

The graphic design revolution began in the 15th century with the invention of the printing press. Many people now had access to repetitive art works that would enhance their lives and houses. It was not very expensive and it was considered an art form that was accessible for the masses. It is the first time in history when an art form is made for the average people and not for the rich.

The industrial revolution meant that the production is bigger, better and faster. With it, new patterns were born and we see that graphic design was incorporated in fabrics, furniture and basically every aspect of our lives. It is the moment when art understood that average people need beautiful and artistic items too.

Notable Pieces

Probably the most notorious pieces were also used in political campaigns. We all know the colorful and contrasted posters all over the US. It is another key moment when graphic design allowed art to be easily displayed on buildings, cars and even airplanes.

The 21st century is the revolution of graphic design. There are more and more artists that only use this art form in order to express themselves because it is extremely accessible. Their fans don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see their works and everything is just one click away. Graphic design managed to transform art in an accessible entertainment instead of a luxury for the rich as it was before.