How to Incorporate Modern Art into Your Home

It is said that home is where your heart is, and if your heart is stuck on modern art, you may start having problems with your interior design. Modern art is one of the most versatile art forms by far and this is the true beauty behind it. The problem with incorporating it into your home is that, often, our homes are not modern. We have been taught that the small apartments and the traditional terraced homes are not well suited for modern art, but this is a completely false concept. There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate modern art into your home and we are here to show you how.

Go as light as you can on the walls

This is quite necessary as modern art is often associated with large surfaces and sprawling, open spaces. If you live in a small flat, this may seem impossible to achieve. However, white or light-colored walls have the tendency to make a space look bigger. With this little trick you can make your small living room a true exhibition space for your favorite art pieces and decorations.

Decide on one style

As we said before, modern art comes in all shapes and styles. Mixing all of them together is not the best idea for a beautiful interior. Try to look at some examples of modern designs and get your inspiration there. This doesn’t mean that you have to copy piece for piece what you see in magazines or on the TV. Find your own style and go shopping with a very clear idea in mind.

Find a central piece for the room

This is the best way to exhibit your love for modern art. There are many things you can choose; for example, a very large modern painting can be a great feature for a living room and a glass table with metal legs can be an eye-catching centerpiece for a dining room. The main idea is to have one special item as the main focus in your chosen space. Once you decide on that, it is much easier to choose other items that will compliment it.

Pairing is extremely important

A modern painting will not go very well with drab 80s couch or with faded floral wallpaper. Modern art can be quite tricky and this is why you should prepare yourself from the very moment you decide to incorporate it into your home. If you go with darker details, try to include lighter color matches in order to have the same feel in the house.

Plain materials and pops of color are great

A shiny, gold chandelier may seem a touch ostentatious in a ruby red room, but it works perfectly with white walls and white couches. Modern art and interior design is all about proportions. Don’t go too colorful and don’t go too plain. Try to pair similar or complementary colors and materials and your home will look like a modern art gallery.