Modern Art Exhibits to See in Europe

The Old Continent is well-known for its year-round art shows. What is amazing about them is that new displays and pieces can impress even the most hardened critics. It is understandable that Europe is viewed as one of the best places to experience modern art, as the most famous and valuable artwork is found scattered all over the continent. But there are definitely some key pieces that are worth seeing, along with their entire collection, in order to understand the old and tumultuous history of modern art in Europe.

Palazzo Grassi

Venice is quite famous all over the world for its art history and glamorous channels that hide old love stories. The art movement there did not end abruptly in the 18th century, instead, it evolved into one of the main modern art hubs in Europe. The main place to see is Palazzo Grassi, where the Damien Hirst collection is being displayed this year. Some of the best pieces on show are For the Love of God and The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of the Living. The most interesting part is that from the beginning of this year, the Palazzo will be the home of Damien Hirst´s newest collection that is sure to be a hit.


Located in Barcelona, it is renowned for breathtaking modern art exhibitions. The best collection of the year is MadeInUSA by Antoni Miralda, which tells the story of his life in the US in the 70s, 80s and 90s. You can get lost in this beautiful exhibit as you are immersed in every step of his journey. It is definitely a display worth seeing if you can.

Bucharest Museum of Modern Art

Bucharest is another great place to delve into modern art. The special thing about the art galleries here is that it is completely unique; you can note a marked difference between the Eastern and Western European styles. Some of the greatest pieces are displayed at the Bucharest museum of modern art. The collection has more than 1,000 paintings and one of the most appreciated was made by Victor Brauner. The painting is one of the earliest forms of modern art in Eastern Europe and it combines modern elements with traditional decorations.

The Tate Modern

This is the place to go in Europe if you love modern art. The museum has a huge collection and it displays the work of some of the most famous modern artists like Picasso and Dali. One of the best pieces to see is Picasso´s The dream in which he depicts his muse sleeping. The painting stirred up a lot of controversy and admiration at the time and, once you see it, you will understand why.


The city will be the host of the work of one of the best female modern artists; Maria Gonzalez from Colombia. One of her most famed pieces, the Zocalo de la Comedia, will be displayed here and it is considered one of the best samples of 80s modern art.