Modern Artists to Look Out For

Art comes in many forms and of course the whole field of the arts is open to different interpretations and points of view when it comes to what’s considered good or worthy.

So, with that being said a selection of new artists worth watching can at best only hope to give you somewhere to start, but that’s really the point!

Start thinking, observing, comparing, even questioning and the artist has in part done his or her job. Hopefully along the way you, as the onlooker and maybe critic, will be entertained, moved and possibly inspired.

What is Modern Art?

Strictly speaking, modern art actually dates back to about the 1860s and encompasses the period there after to the 1970s. Art after this period is technically postmodern but for the purposes of this article we are considering modern art to be that which is contemporary and of this present time period. Art comes in many forms and it is therefore good to consider some of the many artistic mediums within that, acknowledging that this is really only scratching the surface of the talent to be found.

Who’s Doing What?

Reflecting the often-controversial subjects of gender and race the work of Christine Quarles is both disarming and provocative in its use of eclectic techniques and divergent story lines. Her often fragmented subjects in unusual settings speak to the experiences that have shaped her work throughout her own life in Chicago and later LA. Her first solo show, which has been currently showing at Castillo in Miami is set to become her first solo museum exhibition when it heads to the Berkley Art Museum in the fall.

Aaron Fowler, a 28-year-old from Saint Louis has developed a distinctive style sculpting giant creations made from discarded materials collected in the local neighborhood. The eclectic mix of foraged goods is treated with oils, acrylic and collage to transform them into narratives reflecting the stories of our time.

Using the traditional method of marquetry, which consists of using small pieces of inlaid wood, London based Rhys Coren creates cheerful painted pieces combined with sprayed texture to produce abstract magic. A clever juxtaposition of this medium with digital animation and a whimsical view point result in a refreshingly up lifting body of work that is finding acclaim worldwide. Photography is something we can all have a shot at and with the advent of phone technology it’s possible for most people to have a measure of success. Therefore, to have stood out in this medium is certainly noteworthy, which is exactly what 27-year-old John Edmunds did. A giant bill board featuring one of his photos caught the eye of fellow artist Carrie Weems who deemed him one to watch. Subsequently, Edmunds’ work, much of which addresses current racial issues, has been exhibited throughout the US and will no doubt be seen further afield before too long.

Many more artists from around the globe are pushing the boundaries of modern art in a variety of mediums, so be sure to look out for such new talent when you get a chance to visit your local museums and galleries.